Tuitionize Ltd is a registered company in England and Wales under UK’s Companies House. Our aim is to make ways of obtaining knowledge smarter.

Tuitionize, the teaching and learning platform is the result of two years of extensive research and engineering by a very dedicated team of  professionals. The Tuitionize  app is specifically designed to make live tuitions pleasant and stimulating experience for everyone in every subject. With unbelievable low prices we are connecting learners to rated teachers all over the globe on 1 on 1 live tuitions.

At Tuitionize we believe if knowledge is the key to all powers, then everyone has to own it. We believe, in order to get this (key to all powers), it is necessary to have a smart, creative and yet a simplistic system which will make knowledge accessible as well as affordable  to everyone in the world. Tuitionize tends to revolutionise education by making everyone expert in everything.

We love unconventional, unique and creative ways of education and thats why, we are different; and love to remain different!

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Note: Teachers and instructors are kindly advised to teach students through website using Google Chrome or Mozilla. Screen sharing function is not supported by safari or smartphone devices.