Keep your teaching materials always ready before your teaching session starts. Do not get busy with other things during the teaching sessions. Give your pupils 100 percent attention once your are conneted to them. Ask questions to make sure that your student is udrestanding.

The short answer is No.

It is always good to have good relation with your pupils. However, you must not interfere in their personal life style or any other personal business. Due to privacy and security reasons never ask pupils to exchange personal details with you. However, if your pupils ask you to share information about your expertise on the subject then you should share it with them.

Use your PC/Laptop for your teachings because that allows you to share your teaching materials with your students via screen sharing option. Smart phones and tablets will not allow you to share screen with your students.

 You should never run out of battery during or before your teaching session. Plug in your devices while teaching, so you never run out of battery. Always have plenty of charge on your device so you don't face frostration arround your teaching time. Make sure you have good internet connection during the teaching session. Don't sit too far from your wifi if you are using wireless internet connection. Similarly, you should have good signal reception if your using your mobile's intenet.  It is always better to connect your computer to internet trough the internet cable.

Use your headphones or microphone for good voice quality. Teachers with poor sound quality and bad internet connections are the ones with the lowest ratings in the platform. And it is very important to maintain good rating in the platform. Because if your rating slides  too much, new students will not hire you.  So it is very important that you make sure that your students are hearing you laud and clear without any noices in the background. 

Teach your pupils with kindness in a friendly environment.  After all they are the ones who will be rating  you at the end of every session. So it is in your best interests to act as professional as possible. Keep it in your mind that this is not a chatting or dating platform therefore, you must not talk to your pupil outside the subject that you are teaching. Apart from greeting and goodbye always refrain from unnecessary and personal conversations with them. However, within the subject the more you explain something the better it will be. Always ask your pupils if they have any question about the lesson. Answer their questions with kindness. Never force your pupils to give you 5 stars or leave a good review. Try to achieve that.


If your rating reduces significantly, your teaching account will be suspended. You will be banned  from teaching for at least 3 months at the Tuitionize App teaching platform.

It depends. If you are teaching something that needs screen sharing, then you should defiantly use laptop or desktop toshare your screen with your students. However, there are many teaching subjects not require screen sharing. So if don't need the screen sharing functinonality, you can choose any device you want to teach. Currently Mobile phones and tablets (iPad) devices do not support screen sharing functionality. Screen can only be shared through computers using Mozilla or Chrome browsers. Safari is also not supporting the screen sharing functionality at the moment

As your students rate your teaching, they will be leaving comments about your interaction with them too. People are reading teachers’ reviews before they hire one. Teachers with good reviews and top ratings are also the ones who charge higher tuition fees. Because, when it comes to learing everyone is looking for quality. Therefore, your are judged by your reviews and rating (stars) next to your name on your personal profile at this platform.

At Tuitionize, we will be reading comments about your teachings as well your personal interactions with your pupils. Incase of any teaching miss conduct, Tuitionize will suspend your teaching accounts permanently.

Students have registered as the result of hard work and costly marketing strategies therefore, all students belongs to the Tuitionize learning and teaching platform. If anyone attempts to approach students directly, outside the platform, will be suspended from this platform permanently. It is a serious breech of the legally binding T&Cs section 4 subsection XVI to approach students outside this platform. So never contact students outside Tuitionize teaching platform. We are constantly contacting students for marketing and quality check. Therefore, it could not be kept secret from us for long  if a teacher is trying hijack students from this platform.

As soon as you hire your favourite tutor, the fee will be debited from your account. However, if you think that the course is not for you or your tutor could not meet your expectation and want to cancel the rest of your classes, then you should write to us on admin@tuitionize.com. We will look at the lectures you took and refund you for the remaining sessions. A small cancelation fee or charges may apply.

If you think that the course is not for you or your tutor could not meet your expectation you can cancel it within 7 days. The full amount will be refunded. However, if you cancel your tuitions after  7 days, please write to us on admin@tuitionize.com. We will look at the lectures you have taken and refund you for the remaining of the sessions. A small proccessing fee and other bank charges may apply.

You can rate your tutor at the end of every class you take. Rate your tutors realistically and honestly, so other students know how the tutor you are rating is. Realistic rating will help other students to choose the tutor for themselves. However, unrealistic ratings will lead to harm other students either by choosing a wrong tutor or skipping the right one. Every tutor is a self employed partner and Tuitionize is only connecting them to learners for a very small fee for brokering between them.

Teachers can be rated within the Tuitionize app and website while Tuitionize as a platform, can be rated in apps stores such google ply and apple apps store.


You should rate Tuitionize for its services such as connecting you to numerous tutors and instructors from around the globe. Rate the Tuitionize app generously for the facility it provide, its connectivity, payment processing and its  functionality.


NOTE: All tutors, instructors, mentors, and consultants are self employed partner at this platform and they are responsible for all of their teaching materials, course design, mentoring, and consultation. Tuitionize is only connecting instructors to learners for a very small fee of brokering between you and them.

Currently, safari is not supporting the screen sharing functionality. Likewise, Mobile phones and tablets (iPad) devices do not support screen sharing functionality at the moment. Screen can only be shared through computers using Mozilla or Chrome as a browser. If you want to use screen sharing, then you must login to your Tuitionize teaching account through Mozilla or Chrome.

Teachers can be rated within the Tuitionize apps and website. You can rate your teacher at the end of every teaching session. It is important to be realistic and honest in rating your teacher. Because, other students will be hiring him/her based on these ratings. Rate them for the way they teach. If s/he is a good teacher  then give him/her 5 stars. However, if you think that s/he not so good, then rate them lower; but NOT too low. If you think the teacher is absolutely useless and waste of your money hiring him/her, then give him or her the lowest rating: 1 star.


NOTE: Tuitionize is merely a platform connecting students with teachers from all over the globe. Therefore, do not under rate the Tuitionize apps and website for teachers poor performance. Please report them to us and we will take appropriate actions to make sure that only the bests can teach in this platform.

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Note: Teachers and instructors are kindly advised to teach students through website using Google Chrome or Mozilla. Screen sharing function is not supported by safari or smartphone devices.